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“Good manners: the noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup.” ~ Bennett Cerf

Manners matter. Etiquette means everything.

Do you make a positive impression from the first handshake to the last goodbye? Do you know which fork to use at a fancy dinner party and what to do at the buffet line during an informal gathering?

There are so many situations in modern society that require manners. The casual gathering of friends can offer as many pitfalls as the sterling silver formal affairs of high society. Those gatherings happen online now, too, and demonstrating politeness on the Internet can be essential to advancing your career and personal life.

For medical professionals, etiquette takes on a new meaning as doctors, nurses and other health caregivers work to ease the minds of scared, nervous patients while also communicating the information they need to know.

Jeanne Howell provides one-on-one training in displaying the best manners for any situation, as well as presentations and classes for personal groups or business seminars. Jeanne Howell is also happy to write columns for your newspaper or company newsletter. Call today and ask … we can create a solution that best suits your needs.